Dadong Night Market is one of my favourite markets in Tainan. It is the second most famous night market after Flower Garden Night Market. I love this night market more than Flower Garden Night Market because it is more easier to find the things I need. All of the stores are well located according to what they sell.


I was so surprised and happy when I saw there were Vietnamese food in a stall. There are a lot of people queuing for it. They sell Vietnamese bread called "banh mi", Vietnamese spring rolls and another type of roll. Those food are cooked by Taiwanese people but the taste is nearly the same as those are cooked by Vietnamese people.

I really like some clothes stalls at this night market. There are many clothes for you to choose for all genders. I think I will come back here soon.

And two of the food I recommend you to try here is the chicken wings with sticky sauce covering them. With NT$30, you can have 3 delicious chicken wings that you will never forget.

And you can try noodles served on the hot pan. You can choose the meat you want to eat with that such as beef, chicken and so on.

If you love fruit, you also can try fruits here. They cover a little bit sugar on the fruits so it is a little bit sweet yet delicious.






Night life in Tainan