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About Yuejin Lantern Festival 2019
unique artistic atmosphere has always been the main feature of the Yuejin Port Lantern Festival. The "2018 Yuejin Lantern Festival" was hosted by the Tainan Municipal Government's Cultural Bureau and incorporated unique artistic creations that permeated the natural landscape with artistic reverie and beautiful ambient light. This year's Lantern Festival takes the theme of "breathing with light", as once again we invite artists from home and abroad to bring their vision and inspiration to Yanshui's Festival of Light. Artists exhibiting in the modern form of lighting installations combine with the traditional culture and scenery of Yanshui, engendering in the audience, feelings of romantic nostalgia, as the living color of lighting installations dances off waterways and green fields. Yanshui is one of the most venerable places in Tainan. The first thing people often think of when we speak about Yanshui is the annual Beehive Firecracker Festival, where people don motorcycle helmets and raincoats, and dance and play amidst the burning light of exploding firecrackers. Yanshui also hosts the Lantern Festival on an annual basis, another celebration focused on bringing life to the local area using the medium of light. In this way we can say Yanshui comes alive every year, breathing with the light.














Breathing with Light
Our journey begins at the point where the river and sea embrace, old Yuejin Port. As we start the adventure together, we follow the river, down meandering pathways, as distant lights guide us to an artistic field. Three “timelines” divide the location into three distinct areas. The timelines are called "Travel of Time", "Call of the Environment" and "My Scenery with You". Within each timeline is a different representation of the moon. The timelines each encapsulate a different feeling, and a different sensory experience for the visitor. Thus, three moons, three scenes, three moods. The festival location reflects the idea of cyclical movement. No matter where we begin on our journey, entering into one of the three timelines, as we walk together into scenery that is a blend of art, local customs and natural splendor, we finally return to our point of ingress. Thus, we return to the place our journey began.

Date: Sat. February 2, 2019 - Sun. March 3, 2019   17:30 - 23:00

Opening night: February 19:00

Location: Yuejin, Yanshui, Tainan City

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1 Day Trip of Yanshuei and Yuejin Lantern Festival

Yuejin Lantern Festival

  Yuejin Port, Yanshui Dist., Tainan City, Taiwan (R.O.C.)