The volcano Biyun Temple, formerly known as the volcanic temple, originates from Baihe Daxian Temple, also known as Baihe Biyun Temple and Guanziling Biyun Temple. It is called Biyun Temple, commonly known as Xinyan. It is located in Baiziguanziling, Tainan City, Taiwan. It is a permanent monument of Taiwan municipality. The Daxian Temple of the Old Rock is collectively known as the Nanling Eight Great Scenic Area Guanling Yunyan. It is about five kilometers away from Daxian Temple and about one kilometer from the water and fire. Close relationship with Dongshan Bixuan Temple.

Taiwan’s song composer Wu Jinhuai’s only mention of the “Love of Guanziling” refers to this temple.

In the first year of Jiaqing Temple (1796), in the first year of Jiaqing Temple (1796), he had been living in Daxian Temple for three years, and he lived in the neighboring jade pillow mountainside and lived in the Guanyin icon of Daxian Temple. Welcome in the meantime. Then there were eight people including Anxi, Tucu, Fanshe (now Dongshan District), Confucian Lin Qibang, and seclusion at the top of the rock (now the Jiuzenzi Vegetable Garden), and then studied in the 11th year of Jiaqing (1806). After returning, I will take the lead in donating softness and completing the construction. I will take the name of Biyun Temple. One of the records is full of mountains and greens, which seems to be wearing clouds. One prays for the son of Qingyun, and climbs to the tourmaline, when Jiaqing thirteen years (1808) Year) is the beginning of the official temple of Biyun Temple.

In the 12th year of Daoguang (1832), Zhang Bing’s servant, Biyun Temple was burnt down, and the statue once shunned the club. After the governor, there should be reconstruction, but Shi Wen was absent. After the war, there was no war. When the local residents, Yidi Emperor Day, there were Lin Tianding, Huang Yulin and others, they called on comrades. According to Biyun Temple, they resisted the Japanese, and they were not defeated by the public. Not only were they defeated, but the temple was also burned and ridiculous.

Two major earthquakes occurred in the thirty-seventh year of Meiji (1904) and the thirty-ninth year of the Meiji (1906). The temple was ravaged and most of them collapsed. The dispute between Shidaxian Temple and Biyun Temple's frequent birthplaces was repeated. The dispute was stopped by Baihezhuang Changlin Zhanchun. In the sixth year of the Showa era (1931), the temple was dismantled and separated, and the other was inspected by Fanshe Zhuangchang Chen. People management.


Biyun Temple

  No. 1, Xiancaoli Volcanic Road, Baihe District, Tainan City


◎ 國道3號 → 白河交流道→東接172線→往大仙寺方向→火山碧雲寺。
◎ 國道1號 →新營(北上)或水上(南下)交流道→東接台1線→轉東172線→往大仙寺方向→火山碧雲寺。