Thinking about a trip to celebrate the Lunar New Year? If you would like to find out more about Taiwan’s traditional festivals, culture, and religion, then you should pay a visit to Tainan and check out some of its many temples. Temples in Tainan are known for their celebratory rites and festivals at this time of year, and the best thing of all is that they are absolutely FREE, and everyone is welcome!

Luerhmen Tianhou Temple is a major Taoist temple in Tainan where Mazu, the famed Taoist protector goddess, is worshipped. The temple provides a complete set of English language materials for visitors that include an introduction to its history, an English guide that helps guests follow the traditional route used during worship rites, and a detailed explanation of how to use fortune blocks to seek advice from the gods—and how to receive and read their answers! 

In addition, the temple hosts a series of awesome performances over the Chinese New Year holiday—the Techno Prince Nezha Dance, a martial arts-inspired show put on by folk performance troupes, and even a jazz music concert that worshippers and tourists alike can enjoy.


Check out the schedule of events below:

2/4 (Mon) Lunar New Year’s Eve

22:00 Taiwanese Techno Prince Nezha Dance

2/5 (Tue)

09:30 Belly Dance Performance

2/6 (Wed)

09:30 Jazz Music Concert

2/7 (Thu)

09:30 Local Dance and Folk Art Show



Taiwanese Techno Prince Nezha Dance

This unique performance takes a traditional parade performance and puts it to electronic dance music to create a spectacle you won’t soon forget. Nezha, the wild boy-god general, is the commander of the gods’ forces. He sometimes goes by the moniker of Marshal of the Central Altar. Since Nezha achieved immortality while still a child, he is also regarded as the protector of children. The joyous, child-like appearance of the Nezha statue is transformed into a giant doll with brightly colored costumery. The sensational music and repeated dance steps inject loads fun and excitement into the show. Come and enjoy this spectacular performance, which is reputed to bring a joyous holiday season and good fortune in the upcoming year to all who see it.

Belly Dance Performance

The fusion of different dance styles in this performance is inspiring to see. Yu-Qian Belly Dance has won tremendous popularity by creating a performance that mixes Middle-Eastern belly dancing with Taiwanese cultural imagery. In addition to belly dancing, the group performs the pole dance, ribbon dance, and more. Be sure to check this one out; a surprising arts performance is waiting for you.


Jazz Music Concert

This easy-listening jazz concert is a great show to watch with family and friends. Start out your trip by visiting the temple and following the English language information to the different shrines. While you’re there, request a fortune stick from the gods. With your fortune in hand, it’s time to grab a beer and sit back and relax while listening to the sweet sounds of jazz.

Local Dance and Folk Art Show

This authentic local dance and folk art show is an enthralling experience. The Sayes Dance Troupe has had years of experience putting on shows at festivals and temple parades, and has been invited to perform in countries all over the world. True professionals, the skills shown by the members of this performance troupe never fail to thrill their audiences. Haven’t seen it before? We welcome you to come and enjoy the show!




Cultural Festivals at Luerhmen Tianhou Temple (Only in Chinese New Year holidays)

  No. 160, Cheng’an Rd., Annan Dist., Tainan City 709, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

  06-2692864 ext : 509

How to get there ?

High-Speed Rail 

Take the train to Tainan station (Shulon station). From the station, take Bus 99 to Luerhmen Matsu Temple stop.


After arriving at Tainan station, take a taxi or Bus 99 to Luerhmen Matsu Temple stop.

1. Take Bus 99 to Luerhmen Matsu Temple Stop 
2. Take Bus 3 or 7 from Tainan station to the Haidong Elementary school stop. Transfer to Bus 10 and get off at the last stop.

Tainan station→Zhongshan Rd→Right on Minsheng Rd→Right on Zhonghua N. Rd→ Sec.1 to Sec 3, Anming Rd→Left on Beishanwei 3rd Rd →Mazugong 1st St→Arrive Luerhmen Tianhou Temple。
Take National Highway No.1 → exit the highway onto Zhonghua N. Rd at Xinshi interchange → Sec.1 to Sec 3, Anming Rd →Left on Beishanwei 3rd Rd →Mazugong 1st St→Arrive Luerhmen Tianhou Temple。