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A leisure and business hotel with a story

[Suitable for business and suitable for leisure, redefining business travel]
Changyu Hotel combines business functions with leisure needs, allowing it to meet the requirements of both business travelers and leisure travelers. Here, you can start your day off on a leisurely note. Every detail of Changyu Hotel is original. The rooms are minimalist and stylish. A comfortable environment has been created by integrating nature with order, allowing guests to relax their bodies and minds and let go of the
worries of urban life.

Tainan – let locals lead the way

Every employee at Changyu Hotel is your insider guide to Tainan. Our staff can provide you with the most local take on food, sights, and history from the moment you begin planning your stay. Although we pursue luxury, what we care most about is your safety and convenience during your stay.

Changyu Hotel has a variety of exquisitely decorated guestrooms. The interior decoration harmonizes eastern and western styles, with the guest’s point of view as the starting point. The ingenious details are a breath of fresh air. Tainan offers a wide selection of breakfast options. The traditional breakfast has become a classic. Why not learn about Tainan through eating breakfast? We offer guests authentic Tainan breakfasts prepared by master chefs. This way, you can enjoy Tainan’s famous breakfast foods without having to wait in line. Changyu Hotel follows the standards set by the Huayue International Hotel Group to ensure its facilities and quality of service meet standards. The traditional and simple elegance of the prefectural capital has been integrated into the stylish design with simple and deep meanings. The inherent humanistic feelings reveal a rich and free style that has seen the world. Installation art and historical photos have been cleverly arranged in all the public spaces to allow people to truly experience the beauty of art subtly and without any pretense.

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  No. 89, Sec. 1, Beimen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


   06 223 6255