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1. Why is the hotel called D.D Hotel?

When guests arrive at the hotel, we want them to feel like they’re arriving at a place where they can finally relax. We also hope to continue growing to become the best inn in every traveler’s heart.

That’s why one D stands for decent and the other D stands for delightful: D.D Hotel (Decent & Delightful Hotel).


2. About D.D Hotel

We are a group of Tainan daughters who love sunshine and human warmth. We created a comfortable and welcoming inn for travelers next to old Chinatown, and receive guests with the most genuine and warm smiles. This is a space where we can share stories and live. This hotel is not merely an inn, because we are also your home in Tainan. We invite you to explore the tranquil alleys and historical memories of the ancient capital with us.


3. An insistence on excellent hygiene

To provide an excellent standard of hygiene, this hotel does not mix guest towels with towels used for cleaning. We monitor the entire process to ensure there are no lapses.


Website: https://ddhotel169.com/en/

LINE ID: ddhotel

Telephone: 06-2228896

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  No. 169, Kangle St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


  06-222 8896