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To sustain the life of books was what motivated us to renovate Caoji Book Inn, a hybrid bookstore and B&B that hosts guests from all over the world. We have numerous books stocked here for our dearest bookworms who are addicted to reading. Read even in your dreams! In addition to reading, we also invite you to explore Tainan, where you can make friends, fall in love, and lead a relaxing life.

About us 
Rusty windows, old utility poles, hinoki cypress on the door...we have collected an enormous amount of items that compose the rooms that you see right now. After an exhausting day exploring the city, we make sure that you have a personal space where you can soak yourself in a sea of books. If you want to socialize, there is also a public space upstairs where you can chat with other guests, cook, show your talents, or read. We encourage you to make friends with people from all over the world and feel the joy of companionship through interaction with others. 

About you 
We try to assist you in living in this city more than serving you. In a society that promotes the concept of coexistence, we hope to make you feel at home, where you realize the importance of respecting people and things as you attempt to live in the same space with others. 
Books enrich your mind and travel enriches your life. We hope to meet you and become a stop on your long journey that energizes you. Come visit and find a book to read! 


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  No. 71, Nanmen Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 70049, Taiwan (R.O.C.)