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We have a story about our apartment, which is situated in a small valley in Zhengxing Street, Tainan. 

In the section of Major Court Hymns of the Classic of Poetry, the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry, is a poem that reads, “How goes the night? / The night is not yet through.” The Chinese name of our apartment, Wei-Ai, is derived from a phrase in the poem that literally translates to “the night that is not yet through,” giving a meaning that symbolizes eternity. 

Actually, this house, which is only a few hundred square feet in area, was an apartment for rent 50 years ago. In it were 21 rooms occupied by different people who came from everywhere: workmen, immigrants, clerks...as time passed, people came and went and the apartment also grew old. 

When we saw the apartment, we saw not a worn-out interior, but rather a building full of stories. We made a decision to continue the story of We Love Apartment. 

We talked about Tainan. About the small valley. About the space. About design. Artists. What fascinates people about a coffee shop. Books. Handmade furniture. Balconies. Love and relationships...so long as there are residents, the story will never end. 

Now, we invite you to visit We Love Apartment to add to your story. We also welcome anyone who is interested in an extended stay, travelers who have a variety needs, and artists. Please contact us for any inquiries about our fees and services. 

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