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Space Joy Spa had a dream, which was to bring hot springs into people’s everyday lives.

It’s not just a luxury, but another type of pure nature.

It's not just an enjoyment, but a home away from home.

You can feel as relaxed and free as you are at home, even when you’re outside traveling.

Here, there are a variety of fruits to sample throughout the year.

Mountains encircle the homestay, and the air is fresh and invigorating. Experience slow life, and feel moved by the rich and marvelous human landscapes.

Nearby scenic spots include Zengwen Reservoir, Meiling Scenic Area, Xuan Kong Temple, Yongxing Bridge, and Hutou Mountain.

We work hard to treat each guest with warmth. We were involved in every step, from design planning to the completion of construction. We carefully planned and selected the hardware installations, five-star mattresses, toiletries from a century-old German brand, the outdoor hot spring pools, and hot spring rooms. This way, you will leave every time with beautiful and delightful memories.

We revere nature, and enjoy the simple luxuries offered by nature.

Vacations are times to completely relax, not to end up exhausted.


Space Joy Spa invites you to enjoy the pure pleasure of hot springs.

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