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Madou Donkey Kitchen (MDK) is located in the rural area of Madou, Tainan, and is part of The Donkey without Curly Lashes B&B. MDF offers rooms and meals for guests who live in The Donkey without Curly Lashes B&B and MDK. The owner of the B&B studied in a culinary school in Spain and is enthusiastic about Spanish cuisine, which motivated him to open the B&B and its affiliated restaurant. 

There are a lot of similarities between Taiwanese cuisine and Spanish gourmet food, especially in terms of how the dishes are cooked: foods are mostly sauteed, roasted, stewed, fried, or smoked. Spanish cuisine symbolizes the spiritual need to gather with friends and chat with them while eating tapas and drinking. Similarly, Taiwanese cuisine is usually prepared for a gathering with friends or family where people order dishes to share, which is in contrast with most traditional Western meals, where each individual only orders what he or she wants. There is thus a saying that of all the European cuisine cultures, Spanish cuisine is the one closest to that of Taiwan. MDK proudly serves creative risottos that incorporate local and Spanish flavors. We hope that by combining the two cultures and making their best parts shine, we can make our guests feel our passion as citizens of Tainan. 

The Donkey without Curly Lashes is located in the rural area of Madou, Tainan, surrounded by local fish farms and a rich ecological environment isolated from the noise of the city. We hope to make the B&B a place for a slow, relaxing lifestyle that heals tired souls. 


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  No. 36-32, Keziliao, Madou Dist., Tainan City 72151, Taiwan (R.O.C.)