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We are Lanpeople B&B. In Chinese, "7GO" is a homonym of "Cigu," where our B&B is located. In addition to describing a cheerful mood, the adjective 'happy' also represents the black-faced spoonbills, our special guests who visit Taiwan every year.

An Arcadia 
My father was crippled by a stroke in 2002. Watching him struggle to take a step on the shore by the fish farm carrying a bag of fish pellets weighing 30 kg at night, his slippers falling off his feet, I said to myself that I would never leave him.

I returned to my hometown in 2002 with my beautiful wife, Ah-Chuan, and my three sons who are my sunshine. We have since settled down at the incredibly beautiful Jin De Feng Fisheries. 


Jin De Feng Fisheries 
Jin De Feng Fisheries has a history of over 60 years, and occupies more than 100 hectares. 
The hills are barely visible at dawn. You can hear the chirping sound of night herons who have had a full meal the night before heading home.

When the sun rises, you can see Kentish Plover chicks running on the shore, followed by their mothers. This is when you realize that kinship originates from nature. 


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  No. 74-10, Shifen, Qigu Dist., Tainan City 72453, Taiwan (R.O.C.)