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Kabua Farm strictly adheres to the laws of nature and ecology in each and every longan and orange it produces. This practice not only protects the soil and ecosystem and ensures people’s health and food safety but also produces fruits and vegetables full of sentiment and memory. With close to century kiln-drying experience, we aim to preserve and pass on this heritage. We are passionately committed to expanding our agricultural brand and spirit.


∎ About Us ∎

Kabua Farm is a sixth-generation locally operated farm located in Bombax Valley – a small village in Dongshan, Tainan. During early spring, while the land recovers from the winter cold, the bombax flower blooms, covering the entire valley. It is here where we reside!



∎ Kabua Farm Food and Agriculture Tour ∎

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  1. Bookings must be placed two weeks in advance. Please leave a message on our Facebook Page: “Kabua Farm”
  2. A pass is not required for the Food and Agriculture Tour. The tour does not include meals.


*Send the reservation form and message it to their FB page to experience the beauty of the Farm.





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  Banzhihuakeng, Dongshan Dist., Tainan City