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Singgui Suspension Bridge Introduction

The country lanes off of Tainan Route 104 near Dongyuan are a great place for a bike or scooter ride, and one of the best routes you can take is the one that leads down to the Singgui Suspension Bridge. Although not marked in English, it isn’t too difficult to find; from Dongyuan, head up Route 104 past the longan kiln area and turn right just before you get to the junior high school. From here, you will take a sloping lane that runs between banana groves and orchards down to the Guizhong River. It is a good idea to watch out for potholes; there are some big ones. The road ends at the bridge, which you can cross over on foot or by bike (no scooters, please) to check out the other side.


The 110-meter bridge was built quite recently to replace a much older one that was long ago deemed too dangerous to use. Having the bridge here gives locals on the Shuiwei side a direct route to the school and kiln area so that they no longer have to go the long way around by car. For bicyclists, it offers a chance to explore the extensive network of back roads on both sides of the river without ever having to contend with highway traffic.


With its cardinal-red towers, the bridge itself is quite picturesque. If you look down from the span, you’ll be able to see fish swimming in the stream; night herons and other water birds frequently make an appearance. With its mix of orchards and wooded areas, distant mountain vistas, and fresh air, this is real countryside. Most of the year, the area has few visitors, and you are likely to find yourself completely alone as you ride through the web of small lanes and past the occasional farmhouse. Like many other areas in Dongshan District, this place is a true getaway from urban crowds and noise.


While you are here, don’t forget to stop for a break at the wonderfully quirky homestead right by the bridge on the Dongyuan side. Known as Mama Mia in a humorous reference to the mother-daughter team who own it, this organic teaching and working farm welcomes travelers and backpackers to stop in for a bite to eat and some good conversation. The owners offer homemade mint, longan honey, or roselle tea, and mulberry juice in season; traditional farm fares such as pork knuckles and sticky rice dumplings are available for those who’ve worked up an appetite. This unconventional farm is at once an open-air art studio, rural education center, and very laid-back outdoor wedding and party venue. It’s the perfect place to finish up a day spent touring the Dongyuan area. The owner, who in the past did working holidays on farms in both Australia and Japan, is now making plans to open a work stay program here for backpackers in Taiwan, so this is a spot to bookmark for a return trip in the future.


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