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After years of change, the Neaty Hostel, still retain the original style of the building, the space reflects the trajectory of different years. When travelers walk into the hall you can see the grindstone counters and pillars seem to greet and welcome your arrival, those terrazzo stairs, floors and walls still showing past beautiful style.

It has no ornate decoration, without deliberately packaging decoration and artificial landscaping, in order to retain the unique style of Japanese architecture so that travelers can sink into the classical elegant space, explore the history of the footprint.

There are many objects can touch your heart, recall with nostalgia feelings, it is worth your exploration of the stories it contains. Welcome to those who like the style of the old house to investigate local culture.

「新東亞旅埕」歷經一甲子歲月與時代變遷的旅社,經過重新整理保留原始的風貌後在建物空間裡反映著不同年代的軌跡,邁入大廳即可看到磨石子的櫃台與高挑的石柱在向你招呼歡迎你的到來,磨石子的樓梯、地板與牆面仍舊呈現過往亮麗的風貌。它沒有華麗的裝潢,沒有刻意地包裝修飾與人造美化,就為了保留著那獨特的日式建築風貌讓來此的旅客可沈浸於古典優雅空間,探詢歷史的足跡。 處處可見修補的痕跡但卻沒有刻意掩飾的衝突,瑕不掩瑜下你可感受它的質樸,有許多物件與氛圍可觸動你的心弦在心底蘊中思古之幽情,更值得你探索它蘊含的故事。 喜歡老屋風貌,探訪在地人文的旅人歡迎你的光臨。

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