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Key We Go Hotel is located in Tainan City’s North District, not far from the attractions in the city center such as Chihkan Tower, Shennong Street, and Guohua Street. There are also famous night markets nearby. Garden Night Market and Xiaobei Chenggong Night Market are both reachable on foot. The environs also include Starbucks, an interesting weekend flea market, and famous restaurants serving local snacks, such as Fu Cheng Pudding or Mama Huang’s Meatballs. There are also restaurants offering beef noodle soup, pepper chicken, and milkfish soup.


Key We Go Hotel is a hybrid hotel. The first floor has a reception area with a literary air and a restaurant. The second floor houses an interior design studio and an art space that frequently hosts lectures. The third to fifth floors are where the guestrooms are located. Interior designers created a variety of themed rooms. The rooms are bright, spacious, and comfortable. Parking is convenient as well. Key We Go Hotel is an excellent, unique, and affordable hotel!


In 2018, our rating was 9.2 stars on booking.com and 4.9 stars on Facebook.



Although we don’t have first-rate facilities, the environment we offer is elegant and comfortable. It’s like your home away from home. We are extremely service-oriented, and we welcome every traveler who comes here to stay. We hope visitors to Tainan will not only tour the city’s famous scenic and historical spots, but also be able to personally experience the warmth and passion of the Tainan people. After all, people are one of the most beautiful landscapes.

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  No. 16, Ln. 341, Sec. 4, Ximen Rd., North Dist., Tainan City 704, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


  06 251 3133