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The traces of time are one of the charms of the old houses in Tainan. Although the bricks and tiles are worn, the old houses still shine with historical value and nostalgia after renovations and repairs. There are quite a lot of B&Bs in Tainan, but only a handful of budget hostels for backpackers. Paying the least for the best accommodation is probably the most attractive feature of Tainan Fugi Hostel.

Tainan Fugi Hostel is situated at the heart of Tainan city. Kevin, the hostel owner, embodied his passion for Tainan in Tainan Fugi Hostel. The cozy atmosphere of an old house and the welcoming staff greet guests as soon as they enter. It is a relaxing environment, as if you are visiting an old friend. Here guests can also see miniature versions of famous tourist spots and unique old objects, which lend a quirky atmosphere to the space.

Originally an iron factory, the structure of the building was preserved with simple modifications to ensure our guests will have the best relaxing space, including designing the pipelines to present an English industrial look, re-enhancing the steel beam structure, and adding a full set of fire-prevention equipment. The original factory staircase banister, a smooth and elegant curve, is still displayed on the first floor. This piece of iron work is proof that the smiths were very highly skilled. Furthermore, the bricks used to build the walls in the lobby date back to the Qing Dynasty.

Tainan Fugi Hostel is located near a branch canal where the Old Five Channels Area was in the past. The walls of the second floor exhibit historical scenes with mosaics to let our guests learn more about Taiwan. We look forward to welcoming more travelers here at Tainan Fugi Hostel and invite you all to come experience the beauty of Tainan's old houses.

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  No.91, Heping St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


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