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We have always loved Kyoto and its culture, especially the traditional machiya townhouses. Having visited Kyoto ourselves several times, we felt that La Maisonnette Tainan should be a place that replicates the elegance of machiya architecture. Hence, when we renovated the building, we preserved the wooden windows and placed tatami mats on the second floor. We hope that the combination of Japanese-style decorations and Northern European furniture will give our guests the comfortable, homey feeling of an old machiya house. All of our collections, furniture, and decorations are brought back from our trips to other countries; each and every one of them is unique and made by professional craftspeople. 

Usually, traditional machiya buildings are rather long and narrow. To let the light in, we opened two windows on the rooftop so that the sunlight can pass through the stairs to light the whole house; as the sun moves, different areas of the house are lit. 

The entire second floor is for public use. Guests are welcome to lounge and read or nap on the tatami. Our twin beds are made with French bed linens and our black tea is sourced from Antique Assam Tea Farm, which produces high-quality teas. We hope that our guests will feel at home in La Maisonnette Tainan. 



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  No. 42, Xinyi St., West Central Dist., Tainan City 70053, Taiwan (R.O.C.)