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1969 – Elixir of Love is located in the valley across from Tainan Municipal Yongfu Elementary School in the west central district of Tainan. The valley was given the playful moniker “Snail Valley” by Yeh Shih-tao, a pioneering Taiwanese writer and historian whose former residence is also located in the area. 

1969 – Elixir of Love is an independent building built 50 years ago. The floor is laid with terrazzo tile and the bathtub with colorful tile pebbles. Each room has its own character for you to enjoy; we hope to give you a genuine feeling for Tainan, where people dream, work, fall in love, marry and live. 

The B&B is located at the center of Tainan City within walking distance of the train station and tourist attractions such as the Confucius Temple, Chihkan Tower, Wu Garden, Hayashi Department Store, and Du Hsiao Yueh Restaurant. You can also find bus stations and T-bike rentals nearby, which can take you to Anping Old Street and the Sunset Platform.

You can park your scooter at the entrance of the valley; there is also a parking lot nearby. We can get you discounts at several scooter rentals. 

On a side note, the owner of the B&B is a marathon runner with a record of 2 hr 47 min. She is happy to share her experience running marathons with others! She also hosts a one-week training camp for running. Please contact the B&B for more details.



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