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K&B Happy Hostel is a European style hostel located in Taijiang National Park, facing Yanshui River and Lakeside Waterbird Park. The Chinese name of K&B Happy Hostel carries profound meanings. "Hei-pi", which sounds similar to happy, is the Chinese name of Black-faced Spoonbill, an endangered migration bird species that visits Tainan during the winter months. Ken, the owner of K&B Happy Hostel, wants to remind people to protect the environment and to have a relaxing, healing experience by embracing the nature. The cozy and convenient public spsce in the hostel encourages visitors to communicate and share with other travelers, creating heartelt memories and stories. 

In order to provide quality accommodation, there are only five rooms in the K&B Happy Hostel. Travelers who are embarking on a journey or stopping to rest can all experience the relaxing lifestyle and enjoy the vibrant culture and local delicacy in Tainan. Having lived in Tainan for 30 years, Ken not only provides living space, but also offers tips and recommendation for visitors to explore a different side of Tainan, allowing them to have a more in-depth understanding of local culture. 

K&B Happy Hostel offers occasional classes such as handicraft and coffee brewing classes, which are the most popular among the guests. Those interested can follow our Facebook page for more information. They hope to continue bringing happiness to every visitor. 

If you have any suggestions or ideas for cooperation, please contact the K&B Happy Hostel through their Facebook page. Thank you!


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  No. 12, Ln. 38, Zhouping 2nd St., Anping Dist., Tainan City 70841, Taiwan (R.O.C.)