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Fat Snail B&B is close to tourist attractions such as Anping Old Street, Fort Zeelandia, and Eternal Golden Castle. It is a B&B that is Anping-themed and full of local character. It is also equipped with slides for kids. There are three types of rooms: the Castle room on the second floor, the Canal room on the third floor, and the Totoro Treehouse room on the fourth floor.  

All of the interior decorations are made with imported wood; there is a slide for children as well as certified safe toys in every room. We hope to give your children a safe and fun environment in which to play. 

Every room has a separate bath and shower stall; all the shower stalls and kits are bought from TOTO, a highly reputable Japanese brand. We also provide amenities for children such as kid-size bathtubs, toilet seats for babies, and bathrobes for children. 

The main gate of the B&B and all rooms are protected with electronic locks that can be unlocked with a code. To ensure the safety of our guests’, there is a 24-hour camera installed at the front gate as well as one in the public space on the first floor. There is a playroom for kids, picture books, a kitchen for public use, a water fountain, and a refrigerator on the first floor for you and your family to use. 

Our B&B is family friendly, especially for children and infants. There are a Combi sterilizer, milk bottle brushes, and other tools in the public kitchen for parents to use. There is also an automatic cooker which parents can use to heat up baby food. 

Fat Snail B&B hopes that all of its guests can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay in Tainan. We understand wholeheartedly that their children’s smiles are always what parents want to see the most. 

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  No. 15, Zhouping 2nd St., Anping Dist., Tainan City 70841, Taiwan (R.O.C.)