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The Introduction of Grand Guanyin Pavilion & Sing-ji Temple

This temple complex comprises the Grand Guanying Pavilion where the Buddhist deity Guanying is worshipped, Sing-ji Temple where a Taoist deity is worshipped and a Sanchuan door that connects the two. On entering the main hall of Grand Guanying Pavilion, visitors are greeted by two protector gods holding vajras—weapons used to ritualistically symbolize both diamond-like indestructibility and the irresistible power of the thunderbolt. This hall is dedicated to Guanyin, with statues of various religious figures including the God of Matchmaking and the Bodhidharma, a Buddhist monk who brought Zen Buddhism to China in the sixth century. The walls to the left and right are decorated with images of the eighteen arhats.

         The apse constitutes the Hall of Great Strength and is dedicated to Sakyamuni Buddha (“the” Buddha), Amitabha (the buddha to the left of Sakyamuni Buddha, the god of the underworld) and the Medicine Buddha (the buddha to the right of Sakyamuni Buddha who is worshipped for good health). Statues of Maitreya and Skanda Bodhisattva sit in front, with Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (also called “Earth Treasury” or “Earth Store”, a buddha who made a vow not to achieve enlightenment until all hells are emptied) on the left, and Kinnara on the right.



On the other hand, the Sing-ji Temple is dedicated to the Baosheng (Emperor) Dadi, a Chinese god of medicine worshipped in folk religion and Taoism. The temple was founded on the east side of the Guanyin Pavilion by immigrants from Quanzhou, China between 1647 and 1683. The main hall is dedicated to the Baosheng Dadi, accompanied by the “Tiger General” Hu Jiang Jyun, who is reputed to cure children of mumps. The left side of the hall is dedicated to the Marshal of the Central Altar (a Taoist god whose image is that of a child) and the right side to Tudigong (also called “Fu De Jheng Shen”, the Village Deity or "Lord of the Soil and the Ground").


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