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The term “old-school” in the name “Yuejin Old-school Canteen” does not mean that the shop decoration is old. On the contrary, it refers to the nostalgic flavours or the taste of hometown. This is not to say that “being old” is always a good thing, but some of the nostalgic flavours remind us of the good old days and bring us, who have travelled afar, back to where we belong. The “Yuejin Old-school Canteen” is run by a young, enthusiastic owner, who wants to re-create the heyday and glamour once present in Yuejin Port, Yanshuei District. He follows the operations learned from past experiences working at a hotel to run the restaurant and demonstrates his craftsmanship in cooking, hoping to evoke people’s memories of the flavours in the past. The owner insists on using fresh and locally sourced ingredients, and has repeatedly experimented ways to make home-made nostalgic and retro dishes for the purpose of providing healthy, delicious, and authentic local food. He sticks to his belief in preserving and making the simple, yet classic, accessible, and tasty local food.

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  No.63, Zhongzheng Rd., Yanshui Dist., Tainan City 737


  06 652 4725