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Le Gu International Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., formerly known as Yenshuei Meat Zongzi (zongzi are a kind of glutinous rice dumplings), is a well established business that has been operating for 22 years since it was set up in 1993. After completing formal company registration as Yenshuei Meat Zongzi in 2010, the company won a number of awards for production of Tainan City’s traditional gourmet foods and gift and souvenir items, including selection of its products among Taiwan’s Top 100 Gifts and Souvenirs, selection as one of Taiwan’s Top 100 Shops, and top placement in?Apple Daily’s meat zongzi ratings. At present, it specializes in making high-quality meat zongzi , sales of various old-style gourmet foods at physical stores, online distribution, and franchising. In 2014, in order to meet the needs of diversifying its operations, the Company set up Le Gu International Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., focused on operating physical stores of ready-to-eat breakfast dishes and home delivery of frozen ready-to-eat foods, festival foods, and gifts and souvenirs.

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