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Sanpintaku (The House of Sanpin Honda)

三一宅 藝空間

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Sanpintaku (The House of Sanpin Honda)

“Sanpintaku” is located at the cross of Luchuan N. St. and DatongRd. in the District of Xinying, and was built around 1936. It is the Japanese-style wooden house that is better preserved in the area of former Tainan County; its architecture belongs to the “Half-Japanese and Half-Western” style that was the most popular one around that time, with beautiful gardens around the building, the roof covered by layers of gray-black roof tiles, the sliding door providing good lighting, and large lower panels adding a lively atmosphere to the wall.

This house was built by Sanpin Honda, a Japanese from Hiroshima who was hired to work in Taiwan in 1919. A newspaper of that time, “Taiwan Jih Jih Hsin Pao” (Taiwan Daily News), once reported that Sanpin Honda, age 27, was good at masonry and later became a contractor of civil engineering. The rise of his social status also reflected the improvement of his economic ability, as he started to build a new house in Xinying.

 After World War II, Mr. Honda returned to Japan. His property was received by the authority of financial affairs, and this house was used as the residence of Lin Chong, the Chief Secretary of Tainan County Government; after relatives of Mr. Lin passed away in 2007, the government took the house back. In 2000, due to its well-preserved appearance, delicate structure, and demonstrating of the construction techniques and methods of that time, Sanpintaku was listed as the “Historic Architecture of Tainan City”. It was then renovated in 2016, and underwent the Operate-Transfer as an art space in 2017. Through the plan of “Operating the old house in a museum-type way”, not only the appearance of this Japanese-style architecture built during the Japanese Era can be displayed on-site, but also both the Japanese and Taiwanese tea cultures were introduced to further develop local art industry, in hope to drive the development of local industries and let people to get a glimpse on the dazzling days of this house.


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