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Taiwan Pure Culture and Education Development Association (CEDA)

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The Taiwan Pure Culture and Education Development Association (CEDA) is a national non-profit organization. The association was first established by a group of young people returning to their hometown. They used their free time to provide supplementary education to children in Houbi District, Tainan City, and the immediate vicinity. As the number students they served grew over time, the partners increasingly needed funds and organization in order to effectively and comprehensively help students learn. Therefore, they appealed to local young people and formally launched the Taiwan Pure CEDA at the end of 2017. The association focuses on local education, accompanying disadvantaged children, engaging in food and agriculture education, and providing experiential courses on agriculture. The association aspires to improve the current conditions of farming villages and sow the seeds of hope for the future.


∎ Taiwan Pure Culture and Education Development Association Tour 

The tour is roughly two hours long. Content includes an introduction to natural farming, hands-on farming activities, planting and collecting vanilla, extracting vanilla essence, and preparing essential oil balm. The finished product can be used as a mosquitoes repellant and skin care lotion.

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1 Bookings must be placed two weeks in advance. Please leave a message confirming your payment information on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TWpureCEDA/

2 To ensure the quality of the course, each group is limited to TEN participants.

3 The CEDA reserves the right to reject registrations when the farm is too busy to accommodate tours.

*Send the reservation form and message it to their FB page to experience the beauty of the Farm.



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