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ShihAn is a typical farming village with approximately 600 residents. The Shih-An Community Cooperatives was established under the leadership of a group of visionary and insightful residents. The goal of the organization is to grow organic Taiken No. 9 premium rice, and also to ensure steady revenue for local farmers under the principles of social entrepreneurship and fair trade. By undertaking organic farming, it is our hope to improve the health of our farmers while fostering the sustainable development of our community.

From quantity first to quality first, the farmers in Shih-An have come a long way. Nonetheless, this transformation was far more difficult than anticipated beforehand. The initial integration of the Cooperatives and the idea-selling process was tough, but it was even more difficult to convince farmers to give up the old thinking of “quantity over quality” and to believe in the beautiful future ushered in by organic farming.

20% or more of the profits earned by the Cooperatives go to charitable activities and social welfare, in order to reduce the problems faced by the underprivileged in the community.

To prevent the local population from moving away, we encourage young people to start their own businesses or work in the community.

At Shih-An Community Cooperatives, what we are selling are not just agricultural products, but a way for our community to maintain sustainable development.

Our principle is “Happiness leads to mutual benefits; cooperation leads to prosperous aging.” This is a democratic corporate entity where everyone helps each other and everyone is responsible for one another. Our primary goal is not to pursue profits but to meet the common needs of our members.

In the year of 2013, aspirant members in the community convened 65 local residents to establish the “Shih-An Community Cooperatives”; working with local farmers, we grow organic rice that do not do harm to the land, in which we built the brand of “Shi-Dai-Ping-An (Peace for generations)” organic rice that we grow and also sell.

We ruled out the old way of farming and applied the organic growing method. Furthermore, we also purchase farming equipment for all farmers so as to reduce cost, and we also manage a unified schedule for all farmers. In addition, we introduced technology exchange to ensure high quality, and we also purchase products from farmers with a high price by contract to make sure that these farmers can all practice organic farming. Moreover, residents in our community also participate in the packaging, storing and selling process of our organic rice. As for the profits gained from the operation, the Cooperatives donate them to charitable activities in the community, so as to make “the power of rice” the model in the community for aging together, better together, and creative together.

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