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Golden Mao House is the lifelong dream of Mr. Mao Shen-Chiang.

This house holds the lifelong memory of an eighty-something-year-old lady; yet to help her son buy a house elsewhere, she reluctantly parted with her precious abode. For Mao, a complete home should have not only a house, but also sunshine and a garden with a fishpond. This place, which carries the memories of the old lady’s life, is now a large building with many windows and a garden with a pond – a realization of Mao’s dream home.

A couple of friends visited us at this place we adore and told us that they would love to stay here, experience the memories of the land and the different type of lifestyle Mao offers. We began to think: maybe a building is more than just a building. Maybe you have to actually stay here to fully experience the architectural concepts. So eventually, we decided to share this experience with you, dear guests, and invite you to stay.

We provide one-of-a-kind services here at Golden Mao House. We want to allow every guest to enjoy unique breakfasts, lunches and other services.

We observed what travelers want and found that visitors here in Tainan enjoy going about the city sampling the wide variety of local snacks. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could enjoy a hot bowl of beef soup and some delicious savory congee right after you get up? We thought so. That’s why we brought Tainan’s traditional delicacies into Golden Mao House and now every guest here can fully enjoy the mornings on Yuguang Island. No need to get up early and brave the long queues for a hot breakfast!

We hope to provide each and every guest here at Golden Mao House a new kind of local experience and exclusive Golden Mao House memories. Here we have collected the beautiful and the good, and hope to share our life experiences with you. Come, stay a night with us and get to know Golden Mao House, Yuguang Island, Tainan, and Taiwan.

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  No.1, Ln. 119, Yuguang Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)