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Originally built in 1897, Sai Kau Kin Manor was a traditional house in this area we called the 'Old Five Channels Area' before. In the past, this area was used to transport manure, therefore locals named it “Sai Kau Kin”, which means “(area) near the manure ditch”.

The owner of this old house is nicknamed 'Head of the Hall'. He renovated his century-old house in 2011 and renamed it “Sai Kau Kin Manor”.

The story of Sai Kau Kin Manor is neither particularly beautiful nor romantic. It is a simple story of a family who has lived in harmony with this piece of land for a century, and has left behind a house with a hundred years' worth of memories. Sai Kau Kin Manor, the old house which has been standing here for decades has now been given a complete makeover and welcomes visitors from all places to this city. We look forward to sharing the city's stories with them, including the story of this old house and the glorious past of this city.


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