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Tainan was the first city developed in Taiwan, and so has a long history and diverse cultures. As the owners of this B&B, we wish to take on the role of raconteur and introduce the city to visitors.

The terrain of Tainan rises and falls; its shape is similar to a phoenix with its wings spread if you look down from the sky. This earned Tainan the name “City of the Phoenix”. Early residents borrowed the spider wed concept from feng shui to design a net of roads near the tip of the phoenix’s beak (near Puji Temple) to symbolize catching the phoenix - a metaphor for prosperity in Chinese culture. Locals wished to keep the phoenix in Tainan to ensure the city will always be prosperous.

Our B&B is located in the alley near Puji Temple, thus the name “Phoenix Catcher”. We designed the exterior and interior of our building according to the surrounding history and road patterns. For example, the octagon web-like window grille patterns on the doors have phoenix symbols in the middle, mirroring the locals' attempt to 'catch the phoenix'.

When you first come in, you will see a house-within-a-house design. We incorporated the common two-story street side house structure in the Old Five Channels Area into our design and the end result is a picturesque image of an old house with a canal flowing beside it. Guests feel as if they went back in time to the Qing Dynasty. Walking along Shennong Street, visitors can experience the rich historical atmosphere of Tainan.

For us, a B&B is not only a place to stay, but also a place where guests can connect with the city. Just like a phoenix reborn from the flames, we believe that this is the time for Tainan to create a brand new city image.

Contact us: catchphoenix11@gmail.com 

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  No.11, Ln. 296, Sec. 2, Hai’an Rd., West Central Dist., Tainan City 700, Taiwan (R.O.C.)