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Grown-ups love to say,'When I was a kid…' or 'When I was a kid I loved to go to' and so on.

When we were kids, we did not care about the outside world. We cried when we were sad, we laughed when we were happy. When we were kids, we did not understand the hypocrisy of harsh reality and just said what we thought. We knew no limitations and would freely shout, laugh, cry, and cause trouble as we wished. If there was something to play with or some treats to eat, we were happy.

Tainan has a long history and diverse culture. However, we are neither artists nor intellectuals, and cannot force ourselves to create cultural products or works full of imagery. We just want to do our best, do what we love and complete it with all our hearts, just like the way we did things when we were kids.

When you come to our hotel, it would be like returning to a cozy home. Take a break, and reclaim the fearless dreams and courage of your childhood. We invite you to come to WI•KID Design Hotel and seek the simplest happiness, innocence, and the warmest refuge. Here you can get rid of all burdens and expectations and enjoy a relaxing trip.

We welcome guests of all ages to come, recapture that sense of freedom, and enjoy the innocence of childhood. There is a child within everyone; and as we grow up, we should never forget that little child who once looked at the world without fear.

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  No.7, Shiping Rd., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)