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∎ Introduction ∎

My name is Yi-Da Li. MoziDozen is the signature I label my works.

Mozi is the transliteration of Muzi Li, and Dozen translates to "Yi-Da" in Chinese. This was how MoziDozen came to be.

I studied mechanics and molding at school. I bought my first woodworking machine when I was just a student. I placed it on top of my desk in an empty room at home. I slowly explored the world of woodwork and creation.

After discharge from the military, I established a studio in Kaohsiung, where I immersed myself in creation. It was a struggle, yet I was happy. Later, I became acquainted to a fellow creator in Tainan. I liked the atmosphere of Tainan, and decided to relocate there.

I collected many pieces of old wood in Tainan. Some were the beams of buildings, while others were door and window frames or furniture. These pieces of processed wood were my mentors. They opened various opportunities for creation.

In 2012, I moved into a new house with a space for my studio and gallery. I started a family there, expanding from a one-man studio to a two-person studio. We also welcomed our first baby. The coming of new life changed my creative perception, and my works became increasingly interactive.

In 2015, we changed our lifestyle. Retreating from the bustling city to the countryside. Our fast-paced city lives slowed down. Here, we had our second daughter. We focused fully on their development and our creation. We incorporated the years of simple life into our works. In addition to our interactive lamps, we designed and manufactured objects that accentuated the warmth of everyday life. We aspire to combine our life experiences with our work, bringing joy to people in their everyday lives.

If you are interested in woodwork or would like to organize a workshop, please contact us at studio@mozidozen.com.


∎ Contact ∎

If you are interested in our work or have any problems with orders, please directly contact me.

For collaborations (consignments, exhibitions, marketplaces, or workshops), plead contact Wei-Ting.

Since we are mostly dedicated to taking care of our children and creating, please contact us via e-mail for non-urgent matter.

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