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“The moon is bright and clear above the creek. The moon is visible on the creek, and the creek is visible on the moon.” In Japanese, “sukimi” means moon viewing. Moonlight has the ability to slowly soothe the heart, just like flowing water. This is why this place attracted so many Japanese tourists, and it also inspired the name of this hotel. Hotel Sukimi is situated in a quiet lane inside a posh residential area. Numerous attractions are nearby, including Tainan City Sports Park, Tainan Municipal Baseball Stadium, Dadong Night Market, Tainan Confucius Temple, and Chihkan Tower. Chimei Museum, Tainan Airport, and Tainan Station are all only 10 minutes away. The location is convenient, making this hotel your best option whether you are traveling for business or for leisure.


The exterior of the hotel was inspired by green forests, sunshine, and the interaction between the moon and creek. The style is “Zen,” and the hotel was built using eco-friendly building materials and a large amount of wood. The bedding and bathroom facilities are all from well-known brands, and toiletries are plant-based and non-polluting. We have carefully executed every small detail to perfection. The large windows and grilles allow light to illuminate the room. The headboard design is rendered in earth tones, and the outside trees are the same height as the hotel. When you lie down inside the room, it’s like lying in the vastness of nature. There is a sense that heaven and earth have merged seamlessly together.

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  No. 20, Aly. 65, Ln. 113, Sec. 1, Jiankang Rd., South Dist., Tainan City 702, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


   06 215 7555