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H Villa Inn is located in Tainan City, a mere 10-minute ride from the city center. The exterior is rendered using the distinctive architectural expression of fair-faced concrete, while Japanese architectural techniques display superb craftsmanship and interpret poet Li Bai’s words, “the natural beauty of hibiscus rising out of clear water.” The villa has a natural and unadorned style like a hibiscus rising from the water, without excessive decoration, giving it a simple and restrained demeanor and expressing an elegant and simple style.


H Villa Inn will give you a brand new experience. It uses the elements of water, wood, and stone to construct an atmosphere of harmony between man and nature. The moment you step into the inn, the exquisite space will purify your mind. You will feel the rhythm of each other’s breaths, and visually, mentally, and physically experience absolute peace and tranquility.


In the simple and pure space, the body and mind will unwind in the most unconstrained way. Be loyal to the essence of life, and feel the unhurried flow of time.


Feel the pace, feel the taste, feel the atmosphere

H Villa Inn’s simple and unadorned exterior is paired with Bali-style villa suites with private outdoor pools. The views are of the endless blue sky and greenery. Intimate spaces for ultimate privacy have been created in an intoxicating atmosphere.


When the night falls, the broad Tung trees, the hilltops covered in white Tung blossoms, and the starry night sky create a romantic atmosphere with a classic aesthetic.


A home for body, mind, and soul

H Villa Inn is trendy yet natural, and emanates an exquisite and classic beauty. Enjoy happy moments with each other inside these private spaces. You will find a home for your body, mind, and soul in this space.

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  No. 61, Wannian 2nd St., South Dist., Tainan City 702, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


  06 296 5888