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Exotic Homestay is situated in Tainan City’s Anping District, and is only a five-minute car ride from Anping Old Fort. Other nearby attractions include Sio House, Anping Tree House, Anping Sword-Lion Square, the Anyi Bridge Underriver Promenade, Qiaotou Beach Park, Love Square, Sicao Bridge, and Taijiang National Park. It’s easy to plan an itinerary to visit Tainan.  Exotic Homestay has an industrial-style lobby, which is quite different than the usual luxurious decorations found in other places. The simple, relaxed, and unrestrained atmosphere makes people feel relaxed and comfortable. The furniture is full of personality, and there are British-style decorations. You’ll be amazed by the low-key and calm urban vibe.  Exotic Homestay offers two- to four-person rooms. Guests can also choose to reserve the entire homestay. Each room has its own style, and each one is executed perfectly. There are Japanese, English, Chinese, French, industrial, and cloud styles to choose from. The homestay not only offers a variety of room types, but has also prepared a full range of amenities and comfortable and soft beds to take good care of our guests. We want you to have the most satisfactory and unforgettable stay with us.

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  No. 16, Ln. 38, Zhouping 2nd St., Anping Dist., Tainan City 708, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


  0910 221 147