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Art Ocean Homestay is a legally registered homestay (Tainan Homestay #300) in Tainan City’s Yujing District. Although the homestay is located in the Yujing mountainous region, it is easily accessible as it is near both Provincial Highway 84 and Provincial Highway 3. The environs offer a wide variety of activities, and convenience stores, night markets, and restaurants are all reachable with only a three- to five-minute walk.


Art Ocean Homestay is an art-themed guesthouse nestled in Taiwan’s mango hometown. The exterior of the building is in a Baroque style, and the interior features artwork of different styles personally created by the owner. It’s like an ocean of art. Every suite has its own style of painted murals and a comfortable accommodation environment, allowing guests to rest and relax.


“The pleasure we derive from a journey may be dependent more on the mind-set we travel with than on the destination we travel to.” – Alain de Botton


Our story starts with our love of art.


The Baroque-style exterior, the different styles of the painted murals, the stories from different eras… we admire color and reproduce the classics, allowing art to become an ocean.


We not only offer the opportunity to experience art, but also quality accommodations – clean rooms, comprehensive facilities, an elegant environment – to relax our bodies, minds, and spirits.


This is Art Ocean Homestay.


We are located in the hometown of mangoes, Tainan City’s Yujing District (Tainan Homestay #300), near Provincial Highway 84 and Provincial Highway 3.The environs offer a wide variety of activities and the transportation is convenient.


If you want to experience art and seek the story of art after enjoying the landscapes, then you must come here. Take our word for it.

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