「英語好棒棒」免費英語課程 外籍師資華麗登場"Let's Play Catch!" Free English Classes for Community



【大成報記者杜忠聰/臺南報導】為配合2017WBSC世界盃少棒賽,臺南市政府第二官方語言辦公室(以下簡稱二官辦)推出「瘋棒球,學英文」系列活動,其中,專為親子設計的英語教學活動「英語好棒棒 Let’s Play Catch!」社區英語課程將於6/4(日)正式登場。


為了讓課程更加精彩,二官辦外籍顧問Chris特別編寫了活潑生動的教案,並親自培訓參與的師資,透過實用有趣的課程、簡單的對話互動,期待帶給大家耳目一新的英語學習體驗。 24日由二官辦外籍顧問Chris進行師資行前培訓,二官辦強調,本次活動的師資可說陣容堅強且華麗,除了Chris會親自上陣教學外,還另外招募專業外籍教師。來自美國的James(史俊一)是臺南女婿,擁有豐富的成人及兒童美語教學經驗,台語嘛ㄟ通。另一位美國人Emily則是在臺灣居住12年的臺南媳婦,對於英語教學也具備十足專業。而來自菲律賓的Ralph(藍三)目前是成大研究生,不僅自學英語達到母語人士程度,更已累積許多英語教學經驗。相信這些外籍講師能夠讓參與課程的大小朋友留下精彩的學習體驗!


活動內容及報名方式請見臺南市政府網站,或連結 http://www.tainan.gov.tw/tainan/act.asp?id=%7B45FE6FF8-845D-4B6C-B653-A6982AC2D4DC%7D 此外,二官辦表示,來不及報名或報名不成功的民眾也不用灰心,因為由二官辦與空中英語教室合作編製的《棒球英語手冊》及教學影片均已上傳活動網站,供市民免費下載使用。手冊內容豐富精彩,包括棒球英文詞彙及術語、實用會話及練習、棒球歌曲、以及臺南美食觀光等內容。幫助市民熟悉英文棒球用語,並可用英語簡介台南「好吃又好玩」的所在,歡迎民眾踴躍下載!

「瘋棒球 學英文」系列活動網址請見:https://sites.google.com/view/tainanplayball2017





[Du Zhong-cong / Great News / Tainan] In conjunction with the 2017 World Baseball Softball Confederation U-12 Baseball World Cup hosted by Tainan, the Tainan City Government’s Office of English as the Second Official Language (OEASOL) launched the “Let’s Play Baseball” series of activities. One of them is an English-learning activity specially designed for parents and children. The “Let’s Play Catch!” free English classes for the community will begin on June 4 (Sunday).


The OEASOL says it hopes the “Let’s Play Catch!” classes will promote parent-child interaction and achieve the objective of allowing parents and children to learn English together. It also hopes city residents will use English to cheer on all the young athletes in the upcoming baseball tournament, manifesting to all those who have come from afar the hospitality and warmth that Tainan residents are famous for.


An OEASOL foreign consultant named Chris specially created a lively and stimulating lesson plan to make these classes more exciting, and personally trained the teachers imparting the classes. It is hoped this English learning experience, with its practical and interesting courses and simple dialogue and interaction, will be a pleasant change for participants. On May 24, Chris conducted pre-course training for teachers. The OEASOL says the lineup of teachers for this event is formidable. In addition to Chris, who will personally teach classes, there are also other foreign professional teachers. James is from the United States, and is a Tainan son-in-law. He has ample experience teaching American English to adults and children, and knows quite a bit of Taiwanese as well. Emily is also American, and has lived in Taiwan for 12 years as a Tainan daughter-in-law. She has extensive professional experience in English teaching. Ralph hails from the Philippines and is currently a graduate student at National Cheng Kung University. He not only taught himself English until he attained the level of a native speaker, but also racked up a considerable amount of English teaching experience. The OEASOL believes these foreign teachers will provide the participating parents and children with a wonderful learning experience.


The 16 “Let’s Play Catch!” classes will take place between June 4 and June 24 in South District, Guiren District, Shanhua District, and Sinying District, all of which are venues for the U12 Baseball World Cup. The content of the classes is wonderful, and there will also be prize draws. Attendees will have the chance to win a limited number of baseballs autographed by the Chinatrust Brothers team, Peter Rabbit mugs, Peter Rabbit absorbent coasters, and other prizes. The OEASOL says registration is already nearly full for all “Let’s Play Catch!” sessions, showing there is keen public interest in learning baseball English. People can add their names to the waiting list, but will have to act fast.


More information on the activity’s content and registration method can be obtained through the Tainan City Government’s website, or through the following link: http://www.tainan.gov.tw/tainan/act.asp?id=%7B45FE6FF8-845D-4B6C-B653-A6982AC2D4DC%7D. The OEASOL says those who aren’t able to register shouldn’t be discouraged, because it has already uploaded the “Play Ball!” baseball English booklet and educational videos developed in conjunction with Studio Classroom to the event’s website. They can be downloaded for free. The booklet is full of exciting content, including lists of baseball vocabulary and terms in English; practical conversations and exercises; baseball songs; and information on Tainan’s delicacies and tourism. The booklet will help to familiarize residents with English baseball terms, as well as allow them to introduce “the best things to eat and do” in Tainan using English. The OEASOL encourages everyone to make good use of these resources.


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