多益普及英語測驗結果出爐,臺南市民平均成績133高於全國平均Result of TOEIC Bridge Test out. Tainan scores higher than national average.


    臺南市政府推動英語作為第二官方語言政策獲各界支持,今年5月ETS臺灣區總代理忠欣公司贊助多益普及英語測驗(TOEIC Bridge)1500個名額,提供台南市民免費報考。消息一出引起轟動,免費名額被秒殺,吸引廣大市民踴躍參與。日前測驗結果出爐,台南市民超過9成達到CEFR A1標準*,超過6成達到CEFR A2(相當於全民英檢初級)標準;而平均分數為133分,高於全台灣2017年多益普及測驗平均分數131分。

    忠欣公司營運長吳紹銘表示,這次參加TOEIC Bridge的台南市民,包括公務人員、職場人士和一般民眾,有9成達到A1標準,顯示台南市民普遍具備基本國際溝通能力,亦可見台南市政府推動英語成為第二官方語言政策「已達到一定的成效」,成功帶動全台南市民學英語風氣。吳紹銘強調,作為提供國際化服務的城市,並非人人程度都要多益750分,或具備英語談判能力,更多人只需日常生活中的簡單英文。像是第一線服務人員、計程車司機、美食小販,到公部門的交通警察、公共設施的櫃台人員等,客人來了,能夠提供基本英語諮詢服務,會「說一點英語」即可。






    The Tainan City Government's effort of promoting English as the second official language has long been supported by various organizations. In May this year, a free TOEIC Bridge test was sponsored by Chun Shin Limited, the Country Master Distributor of ETS in Taiwan, exclusively for Tainan citizens with a quota of 1,500 persons. The free spots were highly sought-after and quickly taken within hours after the news release. The result of the test was recently announced. 60 percent of the test takers achieved scores equivalent to CEFR A2 level. The average score of Tainan’s test takers in the TOEIC Bridge test was 133, higher than the national average of 131 in 2017.

    Wu Shao-ming, Chief Operating Officer of Chun Shin, commented that such outstanding result shows that many Tainan citizens already possess basic international communication skills. The policy of English as the second official language has successfully raised the public's enthusiasm for learning English.

    Wu further stressed that even in an international city, it is not necessary for everyone to achieve a TOEIC score up to 750 or have an excellent command of English. What most people need is simple English that can be used in daily life. It is sufficient for ordinary people like receptionists, taxi drivers, street vendors, or traffic police to speak just enough English to provide basic English services to foreigners. 

    Chen Chao-ming, the CEO of Global Education Association in Taiwan (GEAT), acknowledged Lai Ching-te's effort of promoting English during his term as Tainan City Mayor. Improving English to make the city more competitive is a visionary act. Chen pointed out that the high popularity of the TOEIC Bridge test has shown that Tainan citizens have high motivation for learning English. He believed the Tainan City Government's effort and achievement in promoting English can be a good model for other cities. 

    Chen responded to Premiere Lai's bilingual policy by expressing his view that English is an important skill that should be developed from a young age. He hopes that the citizens and public servants in Tainan, with their English communication skills, can build Tainan into an international and multicultural city that brings in more business opportunities. 

    GEAT designed a "We Speak English" logo that can be put onto badges, signs, stickers, or vests to show that the users have basic English communication skills. On the press conference, the logo was authorized to the Tainan City Government for future events held by the government. 

    Li Sian-wei, Director of OEASOL, was impressed by Tainan citizens' TOEIC Bridge test result. He commented that improving the general public's English proficiency level, one of the two cores of OEASOL policies, requires time and persistence. Tainan City Government will continue to provide training and resources to encourage citizens to learn English, thereby building Tainan into an international city.