全球最大童書出版社SCHOLASTIC贊助百萬市民電子書 經典英語書免費看一年Scholastic Sponsors Free Access to Online e-book Resources for Tainan Citizens


暑假即將登場的臺南市英語閱讀季,傳來好消息! 今(14)日南市府舉辦「亞洲首例!Scholastic贊助臺南市民記者會」,由臺南市長黃偉哲宣佈,全球規模最大的童書出版社SCHOLASTIC(美國學樂集團)將贊助旗下2套英語電子書系統─「BookFlix」及「TrueFlix」,免費讓臺南188萬市民使用一年,期待市民把握好康!



董欣佳說,BookFlix收錄許多知名榮獲國際大獎的英語繪本,每本書會搭配一部英文短片,短片配音員陣容強大,包括美國知名女星莎拉潔西卡派克、梅莉史翠普等大咖,讓英語學習不再枯燥,適合國小及國中生使用;而TrueFlix則以學科領域分類,每篇文章著重學科知識,推薦給高中、成人學習。除了贊助英語電子書,SCHOLASTIC也提供世界知名的繪本-大紅狗(Clifford)及小說-飢餓遊戲 (The Hunger Games)的圖像使用權,由臺南市政府設計國小及國中英語閱讀護照,期望藉由偶像代言,提昇學生英語學習興趣。

主辦單位臺南市政府第二官方語言專案辦公室(二官辦)表示,SCHOLASTIC出版許多書籍皆曾獲國際大獎,在美國有超過9成的幼稚園及中小學選用旗下叢書為教材,因而被推崇「最值得信賴的教育品牌」,甚至獨家出版哈利波特(Harry Potter)和饑餓遊戲(Hunger Game)小說。,連英國小天后泰勒絲(Taylor Swift)都是書迷之一。二官辦起初擔心美國的電子書系統,到臺南會「水土不服」,因此事先洽詢學校校長、老師的意見,獲得廣大好評與迴響。為此,二官辦推出「2019臺南市英語閱讀季」,針對不同族群,規劃一系列線上閱讀闖關集點活動,期能妥善運用寶貴的英語電子書資源。「2019臺南市英語閱讀季」預計於6月24日正式開始,電子書系統也預計於6月24日正式上線:


The Tainan English Reading Festival will soon liven up your summer vacation, and now there’s even more good news! The Tainan City Government organized the “Unprecedented in Asia! Scholastic Sponsors Tainan Citizens Press Conference” today (June 14), during which Tainan City Mayor Huang Wei-che announced that SCHOLASTIC CORPORATION, the world’s largest publisher of children’s books, is offering free access for one year to its “BookFlix” and “TrueFlix” English e-book platforms to Tainan’s 1.88 million citizens. Citizens are encouraged to make good use of this extraordinary resource!


Huang said many parents value English education for their children. However, English books are quite expensive, and parents “may not have time to read books to their children” even after purchasing books or “may worry that their pronunciation is imperfect.” Starting today, these worries will no longer vex Tainan’s 1.88 million residents. The English e-book platforms offered by SCHOLASTIC have “massive” English resources, are suitable for all ages, and include numerous international award-winning picture books. They also offer a “read along” system that reads sentences one by one so that children can improve their listening and reading abilities simultaneously. Learners can use their computers, phones, and tablets to read e-books and view accompanying English videos. The interfaces are so user-friendly that even grandparents will be able to work them. Residents are urged to put these resources to good use!


SCHOLASTIC TAIWAN general manager Dong Xin-jia said this sponsorship was the first of its kind in Asia for the company, and the head office in the United States believes it to be very important. After seeing so many Tainan residents enthusiastically participating in Tainan English Reading Festival activities, the company decided to become a sponsor. This year, it is sponsoring access to two English e-book platforms, BookFlix and TrueFlix. Annual subscriptions normally cost NT$1,200, but this sponsorship means Tainan residents will have free access for an entire year.


Dong added that BookFlix contains many well-known, award-winning English picture books. Each book has an accompanying short video in English. Many celebrities, including American actresses Sarah Jessica Parker and Meryl Streep, lend their voices to the videos. This way, learning English is no longer boring. BookFlix is geared towards elementary and junior high school students. TrueFlix’s offerings are classified by subject, and the content emphasizes subject knowledge. It is recommended for high school students and adults. In addition to sponsoring access to these platforms, SCHOLASTIC also offered the image usage rights to its famous “Clifford the Big Red Dog” picture book series and “The Hunger Games” fiction series to the Tainan City Government for use in the English Reading Passport handed out to elementary and junior high school students. It is hoped that the endorsement of these beloved figures will boost the interest of children in learning English.


The Tainan City Government’s Office of English as the Second Official Language (OEASOL), the organizer, said SCHOLASTIC publishes many books and all of them have won international awards. Over 90 percent of kindergartens, elementary schools, and junior high schools in the United States have opted to use its books as teaching materials. SCHOLASTIC is therefore considered to be the “most trusted name in education.” It is also the exclusive publisher of the “Harry Potter” and “The Hunger Games” series. Even pop star Taylor Swift is a fan. The OEASOL originally worried that the American e-book system would “not adjust” to Tainan, so it consulted and solicited the opinions of principals and teachers beforehand, receiving positive comments and feedback. It then launched the “2019 Tainan English Reading Festival” and planned a series of online reading challenges aimed at different groups. It hopes residents can make good use of these valuable English e-book resources. The “2019 Tainan English Reading Festival” will kick off on June 24. Access to the e-book platforms will be available starting on June 24.